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New York can be a tough place to work in. So many people, traffic, buildings and lights everywhere around you. At the end of the day we all love to come home, our sanctuary from the madness, a place of peace and tranquility. What gets me up in the morning is knowing that today I'm going to meet awesome people from all walks of life, build a long lasting relationship, and put a smile on their faces by helping them find a new home to buy or rent by making the move experience fun and stress free as much as possible.
David Williams

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4 BD Condo in Tribeca
Approx. 2,717 SqFt
2 BD Condo in Dumbo
Approx. 1,850 SqFt
2 BD Condo in Tribeca
Approx. 1,200 SqFt
2 BD Condo in Dumbo
Approx. 1,165 SqFt
1 BD Apartment in Downtown
Approx. 650 SqFt